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Building client trust in the virtual world is not an easy task. If we are talking about building client trust, the first place of obvious focus is your legal practice website. Elements such as content, website design, navigation, and level of interactivity among others are just some of the reasons why a client may or may not trust your legal practice website. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of the top 7 reasons why client perceptions might change anytime they visit your practice website.

Bad Design – Sure to top all lists, a website with a poor feel and look is the fastest way to put off of a potential client, much less build trust!

Poor Navigation – 3 seconds (5 and more is really pushing it) is the most you are going to get says Google when it comes to visitor attention spam. So if your website does not offer user-friendly navigation, your potential client is going to jump ship fast.

Too Much to Process in One shot –Information overload is a common mistake that most professional services business or practice make. How easy or difficult is it for a client to look for what he wants in your jungle of information? Keep it simple, keep it sweet, and keep it short always.

Vintage Feel – The last thing you want is for your website to look like it was designed 10 years ago! Update your site design; regularly update your legal practice blog and social profiles with new and fresh content.

The ills of Bad copy, Bad Grammar, and Obfuscated Messages – You cannot expect to capture client trust if your messages are unclear, obfuscated in any way or simply poor. Instead of leaving it to chance, it makes better professional sense to get a good copywriter to manage your content.

Content is king; does your legal practice website live this mantra? – Let’s face it, marketplace competition is crazy and poor or sketchy content will leave a potential client feeling like he wasted his time or worse duped!

The Danger of Fabricated Testimonials – Testimonials and reviews are mandatory if you want to build client trust. If your testimonials don’t include specific detail, a positive endorsement, and an authentic name or face, there is every chance your testimonials are going to look fabricated.

The Internet is continuously expanding the horizons when it comes to consumer choices. This obviously means that building client trust within the virtual world is going to be a challenge. The inclusion of a few trust elements or features within your legal practice website, however, can go a long way in ensuring client interest.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Legal Eagle, Meet your Worldwide Audience!

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If you haven’t harnessed the power of podcasting, what are you waiting for? When aligned with your broader marketing strategy, podcasts allow you to engage with many types of stakeholders in a truly meaningful way. If you’ve hesitated to leverage this powerful format due to expenses or time constraints, the Dominate Law PodcastSeries has eliminated these and other common barriers to podcasting.

  • No in-house podcasting “talent”?  No problem! You are the talent. After all, who knows your office, practice area or that special interest quite like you? Plus, podcasts demand authentic voices. The less phony or rehearsed you sound, the better. Dominate Law has also carved out a unique niche in podcasting. Think of the podcast series as the “online” version of standing around the water-cooler with fellow partners or associates at the office or at an industry conference. These are your peers. Everyone is in this together and wants to hear your earnest, approachable self.

  • No fancy onsite equipment? No worries! Don’t overthink it. To the uninitiated, podcasting may seem like a daunting task and it is human nature to avoid those tasks. But you’re missing out on a world of opportunity by perceiving podcasts as out of your reach. Thanks to the beauty of the Dominate Law approach and technologies, you don’t need expensive microphones, headphones, or sophisticated recording software. We’ve made the process of podcast development turnkey. Now, practices of all sizes and budgets can realize the benefits of podcasting, which formerly may have been limited to only large organizations with dedicated resources and personnel.

  • No time? No sweat! From start to finish, the process is efficient and easy. Contact Dominate Law and we’ll handle it from there. We can even talk through ideas with you. A note on time: One of the most attractive things about podcasting is the capacity to truly grip the listener by the ear. Have you ever found yourself so engrossed in a podcast during a commute that you lingered in your driveway just to finish the episode? You can be the voice everyone is hanging on – and it’s never been easier!

Dominate Law has eliminated all the excuses that may have kept you from dipping your toes into podcasting. Dive in! Call (646) 681-3757

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Power of Perspective & Podcasting

Dominate Law
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As a respected partner with your clients, you “live” the power of outside expertise and perspective daily. Your clients turn to you as a valued extension of their teams. With few fields as dynamic as law, every professional can benefit from a trusted outsider’s perspective.

Guests of the Dominate Law Podcast Series combine deep knowledge in practice areas and special interests with their unique perspectives. The result? Information you can actually use, and it doesn’t cost a dime! All we ask for is a little bit of your time. Dominate Law has you covered there, too. The platform and episodes are structured in a way in which we maximize your precious minutes. You get maximum insight with minimal investment.

Our “key points” also offer quick takeaways to wrap your arms around each topic, and to give you the inspiration you need to tackle that challenge or start that next project.

Personal development: A journey, not a sprint

Few other types of professionals embody that notion of “never stop learning” quite like lawyers. Dominate Law challenges you to grow with others who are like you but not quite – lawyer-entrepreneurs with highly diverse and unique backgrounds, passions, motivations, and journeys.
The sound of success

Even the most successful lawyers and practices can be “too close” to a subject matter. You may look at a challenge repeatedly, only to come up empty-handed as to how to resolve it. Yet, bring in a set of “fresh eyes” and suddenly the answer to your lingering problem becomes clear!

Look at the Dominate Law Podcast Series as your peer-to-peer ally. The Dominate Law platform makes it easy to harness the power of podcasting to grow your business.
  • Almost half of Americans listen to podcasts
  • Gain valuable insight from other lawyers
  • Take actionable items back to your office – improve your operations!
  • Establish or grow your reputation as a thought leader

You dominate the legal field. Now let us help you dominate as a practice owner. Simply contact us. Feel free to suggest topics of choice. Dominate Law will arrange your episode from there.

Build your practice and client relationships with valuable and actionable insight from your peers via the Dominate Law Podcast Series. Contact (646) 681-3757